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Scratch removal for stainless steel is essential to keep it in good condition. When it’s new, stainless steel is a beautiful material, exuding a brilliant shine that increases the aesthetics of its surroundings. Whether in a commercial or private kitchen, stainless steel is the preferred material to work with because of its durable reputation. However, over time, a stainless-steel sink does scratch causing it to dull and lose its radiant shine. Old 2 New Stainless is a company that concentrates on restoring the condition of stainless steel regardless of the grade or style.


Benefits of Stainless Steel Scratch Removal Service

When your stainless-steel surfaces have been through years of service, it’s highly likely that its appearance deteriorates. Hence, the need for a stainless scratch repair to help revive its condition. There are numerous benefits to engaging with a professional stainless-steel polish and repair company.

  • The primary advantage of polishing stainless-steel components is the fact that it removes most scratches and unwanted marks. As a result, the surface is brought back to a condition that is as good as new, thus fulfilling its aesthetic value once more.
  • After the process of polishing your stainless-steel surfaces, it becomes more durable. The polish acts as a protective sealant and prevents oxidation. The added protection means that the stainless steel is less likely to corrode and fall prey to rust.
  • Apart from the polish providing a layer of protection against corrosion, after it’s applied to the stainless steel, it acts as a buffer between the surface and dirt. As a result, you have a cleaner workspace that can be simply wiped clean with a cloth. A surface such as a kitchen workbench benefits from this protection.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Stainless Steel Sink Scratch Repair

Stainless steel is a versatile material, especially in the kitchen. You’ll find it on countertops, appliances and utensils. Even though it’s durable and resistant to corrosion, using the wrong type of cleaners negatively affects the material. After you’ve had a professional company polish stainless steel sink scratches, it’s up to you to maintain it on a daily basis.

  • Leaving dirty water on the surface allows it to sit and leave a residue. As a result, it stains the material and damages the finish. Similarly, if you use harsh chemicals in the form of cleaners, it has the same effect. Hence, you must rinse the surface regularly to eliminate the chance of any residue affecting the appearance of the steel.
  • Many people use steel wool or brushes to clean the surface, such as a steel sink. However, using these leaves particles behind which rusts and leaves a stain on the steel. Furthermore, brushes and steel wool are incredibly abrasive and leave scratches on the surface. Instead of using those elements to clean, opt for a soft cloth, non-scouring pads, and other non-abrasive materials. As a result, you maintain the excellent condition of your stainless steel.
  • Some Stainless Steel has fine lines in the metal which is a brushed grain finish or satin grade finish. You should never clean or scrub against the grain as this will cause damage to the material. Instead, you must wash, wipe and polish with the grain to get the surface cleaner while maintaining the condition and texture of the steel.

If you have stainless steel pots, you must never pour oil in it while it’s still cold and in the case of boiling water for cooking, only add the salt to your pot when the water reaches boiling point.

About Old 2 New Stainless

Our operator Geoff Baker has been in the industry for over 15 years and is still assisting our customers in polishing of their stainless steel. We do all types of kitchens such as restaurants, schools, retirement villages and residential homes. Furthermore, we know what is required to clean commercial kitchens, hotels and other areas where hygiene is vital, with our commercial-grade products.

We are fully mobile and prepared to come to your location. Contact us for more information or to book our team for a clean and polish. We’ll restore your stainless-steel surfaces to a near new condition.


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