Our Stainless Steel Restoration Puts Back the Shine in Your Surfaces

Old 2 New Stainless is your trusted partner in stainless steel restoration to revive stainless surfaces to flaunt a near to new finish.  We built our unique service on a platform of more than 15 years of working with stainless steel and polishing it to perfection.


Benefits of Old 2 New Stainless

Have you ever observed how nobody ever takes notice of the stainless steel surfaces until it needs a bit of attention? It is then when you should give us a call to take care of your surfaces through our stainless steel restoration services. We can make any old surface appear almost new.

  • Our mobile service comes to your premises to take care of your stainless steel restoration in NZ. Our service entails minimal disruption and cost-effective solutions to revive the original shine of your surfaces. Our service is flexible, and thus we can take on any size of project from smaller residential projects to much larger commercial jobs such as restaurant kitchens, public bathrooms, and more.
  • As one of only a few stainless steel restorers in NZ, our service is unique. Yet, the results of what we achieve are impressive. Our team has years of skills and knowledge on how to polish and treat stainless steel to get rid of even the toughest stains and marks. Does your stainless steel surfaces reflect chemical damage or water stains? We can also bring back new life to stainless steel scarred by fire damage.
  • We rely only on quality commercial-grade products to bring back the shine. Thus, our service is the optimal way to ensure hygiene in high-traffic areas such as factories, restaurant kitchens, and hospitals. We can also take care of a broad range of different kinds of designs. You can give us a call to add a new shine to your sink benches and urinals, shower trays, rain heads, BBQs and water features. We can revive stainless steel in almost any shape and size.

Common Mistakes People Make When Restoring Stainless Steel

Do your stainless steel surfaces look stained and is lacking its lustre, or dirty and unhygienic? Before trying your hand at reviving the shine yourself, we want to emphasise the following common mistakes people make. These mistakes can leave your surfaces in a much worse state than before you started.

  • Even though stainless steel is extremely durable under most conditions, it is somewhat prone to scratching. Abrasive cleaning products can leave fine scratches on the surface. Taking scratches out of stainless steel is quite challenging. Thus, when it comes to this kind of material, instead steer clear from any abrasive cleaning pads such as steel wool.
  • Protect your kitchen sink by not leaving dirty items in the sink. We agree this is such a common practice in most households that it might sound rather absurd. Yet, dirty dishes, pots and pans, and even dirty water left in the sink have the potential to stain your surface. Water damage and stains appear as dark spots or lighter streaks on the surface of your sink, and these can be challenging to remove. We recommend that you remove all leftover food and wipe your sink clean to avoid staining.
  • Using too much bleach. Initially, you’ll notice bleach is giving your sink a beautiful shine. Take note; this is only for a limited period. Regular contact with bleach and other harsh chemicals erode the surface of your stainless steel and leave it with a dull appearance.

We recommend that you rather give us a call and let us revive your surfaces to a near new finish.

About Old 2 New Stainless

The name may be new but we offer the same great service! We have been operating in the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and King Country regions. Yet, our unique service is entirely mobile and thus, we urge you to give us a call and let’s see how we can assist you wherever you are. Our portfolio includes a wide range of different premises including swimming complexes, hotels and public facilities, restaurants, pubs and clubs as well as hospitals maintaining high levels of hygiene.

We will have your stainless steel surfaces shining in no time. Contact us and see how we make your old stainless like new again.


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